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Through a variety of exercises, intensities, and methods that are based upon proven principles of sports and physical fitness science, we will give you the opportunity to become your absolute best! We offer classes and schedules that will work for anyone serious about their health and performance. Click on a class below to find out more information and to enroll today. For a limited time, enroll in any class and receive a FREE 3-Day Trial.



For a limited time, enroll in either of the two classes above and automatically receive a FREE 3-Day Trial!


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Step 1 – Click on the Schedule & Pricing tab at the top of the page (shown below).




Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we hear at KnowFitness.

A free 3-day trial? Really?

You read that right! Since the fitness methods involved each day are so unique, you can’t even begin to fathom what’s in store for you with just a one day trial. We want you to have a feel of what a week with us will be like.

How do I start my 3-day free trial?

Enroll on our Schedule & Pricing page! After enrollment, you automatically qualify for a 3-Day Promotional Pass that can be redeemed for any 3 available classes of the week.

I only want to sign up for a month to start. Can I do that without a contract?

Absolutely! Contracts are not required, and leave you without any obligation. However, if you do you decide to sign up for a 3-month contract, not only will you save some money, but you will also help ensure your fitness success. By committing yourself to 3 months, the odds of you achieving your fitness goals increase exponentially!

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Our Mission Statement: Through comprehensive classes, we build powerful, physical foundations from which people can perpetuate themselves to their personal fitness pinnacles.